Tuck – e- hoe knives is a project and dream I started in 2016. I love the outdoors and enjoy both being in the woods as well as on the water. My family roots are in a little area of East-Tennessee I knew as Tuckahoe (Tuck-e-hoe), it is named such for the Tuckahoe Creek that ran through our family farm. Growing up there I learned a lot about the outdoors, family, friends and Faith. In a lot of ways making things brings great joy to me and is truly a gift I received from old JD. I remember making and working on all kinds of things in that old shop we had – and knives were one. In 2010 I began transitioning my hobby into a full-blown business where I focused on making Chefs knives. I always wanted to connect that to the woods and make the hunting and fishing knives I used to make as a hobby, I guess that’s how Tuckahoe Knives got it’s beginning. My brother Kim is coming along for the ride, he brings a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing and production. Together our goal is to produce the highest quality of knives for your kitchen and the outdoors.

Today we offer two kinds of knives, handmade in our shop and production knives made from our partners in China. I continually get request for folding knives of which is too time consuming and would cost too much for everyday usage, so we partner with a manufacturer in China that already makes high quality knives for some of Americas largest knife makers, and we are fortunate to have them on board.

With that being said our goal is to make a knife you can be proud of. Show it off, use it, and let your friends know about it, and you can be assured we appreciate it!